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Moshe crafts focused, highly-readable patent applications which make even technically-advanced, non-obvious scientific concepts accessible to any reader with a minimal technical background. Moshe is a pleasure to work with - because he instantly grasps new technology, the inventor's interactions with Moshe center around jointly creating the best possible legal-business tool, rather than upon tedious explanations of the background and details of the invention. Moshe truly understands the difference between good work and excellent work, and this is reflected in the product which he delivers.


Prof. Jean-Laurent Mallet

research fellow at Paradigm® & Emeritus Professor

École Nationale Supérieure de Géologie

For over 15 years, Daniel Feigelson has been responsible for the patent portfolio for the research group of Dr. Abraham Fisher at the Israel Institute for Biological Research. In addition to securing patent protection for groups of new molecules, aided by good pre-drafting prior art searching, he has helped us devise creative strategies to deal with various IP issues that have arisen from time to time. Several of the patent applications he drafted and prosecuted have been the subject of successful commercialization agreements with third parties. I warmly recommend him.


Baruch Shahar

General Manager, Life Science Research Israel

(the commercial arm of the IIBR)

Moshe has an encyclopaedic knowledge of USPTO patent requirements and the relevant case law. He is adept at transforming European applications to satisfy USA law and practise.

Michael Berkson

Chartered Patent Attorney (London, United Kingdom)


Our company develops drug delivery platforms. At one point in our company’s growth, we realized that we needed patent attorneys who would take a hands-on, business-oriented approach. We turned to Fourth Dimension IP. Shalom Lampert and Daniel Feigelson helped us identify areas into which future research should be directed in order to support future patent applications. Additionally, shortly after taking over our portfolio of existing applications, Daniel and I met with the examiners in our pending US cases, none of which had been allowed and some of which had already been re-filed as continuation applications. Within a short time period, those meetings led to the allowance of commercially significant claims in all of those US applications. We are extremely happy we made the switch to 4D IP.


Dr. Noam Emanuel

Moshe is a knowledgeable, proactive and thorough patent attorney. He brings a lot to the table, including years of industry experience as an engineer and computer programmer, current knowledge of patent law, and a creative approach. After working with Moshe for a few years on many patents, I am happy to recommend his services.


Menahem Lasser
VP Future Technologies & Innovation

I decided to bring Shalom on board after seeing him in action in an introductory meeting. Shalom’s contribution was significant and immediate, in making the most of the existing IP portfolio, and in leading our efforts to secure meaningful IP protection for Highcon’s more recent developments. Shalom is a “people-person”, meshing seamlessly with our R&D team and with our in-house IP management. Based on Highcon’s business needs, Shalom creatively defined the requisite IP goals, and then led our team in designing a development and characterization program to supply the information enabling those goals. We are already reaping some of the benefits... 


Michael Zimmer, COO


photo credit: splorp@flickr